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The Use of TFT Modules in Simulation Devices Across Industries


TFT LCD modules are becoming increasingly important across different industries due to their distinct advantages. One of the most exciting uses of TFT module is in simulation environments whether they are augmented or virtual realities. Read on to learn more about these industries and how they integrate TFT module for improved training, processes, and products.

Why Manufacturers Choose TFT LCD

TFT modules are advantageous when it comes to price and suitability to small screens. TFT LCDs are cheaper to manufacture compared to LED displays and they can be offered at more affordable prices. Furthermore, TFT has high pixel density which is very practical for smaller screens or smaller devices. If you’re a manufacturer who needs small, affordable screens (such as smart watches and GPS devices), TFT module can match your display needs. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2obQdIx


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New Tech and Product Development—Is a TFT LCD Display Right for You?


LCD screens are used in a wide range of products as well as in work facilities that range from offices to manufacturing environments and more. While LCD screens are generally categorized as a single product type, there are actually numerous types of LCD screens available. For example, there are mono graphic LCD screens, character LCD screens with liquid crystal displays, and color TFT screens.

You may be taking a closer look at TFT module products today, and you may be wondering if this is the right product type for your needs. As you make your decision, you may consider a few important points.


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Microtips Technology’s Expansive Selection of TFT LCD Display Modules


Here at Microtips Technology, we pride ourselves in being among the pioneers of new LCD technologies. We do this by providing a carefully selected range of products to serve our clients who have a wide variety of purposes in mind. Among the categories of products we manufacture and supply is the (Thin Film Transistor) TFT LCD display.

Majority of the displays in our inventory are available in White LED, YG LED, FSTN, and STN, all fitted with capacitive touch screen technology. In this update, we will look into our inventory of modules and highlight some samples that have particular characteristics.