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How Touch Screen LCD Display Module Supports Digital Education

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Technological developments are vastly affecting how students learn and how teachers relay knowledge and hone student skills. Touch screens have an important role to play in supporting digital education because they enable immersive and interactive learning environments. As part of different educational devices, a touch screen LCD display module can facilitate engaging and interactive learning and teaching experiences.

Digital Textbooks

Professor Neil Selwyn predicted that digital textbooks will take over printed books in ten years. His forecast may be more applicable to well-budgeted public education systems and private schools though. Nevertheless, children are truly savvy technology users when exposed to them early in life. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2obIDxH


Author: Simeon Briscoe

Simeon Briscoe is a highly motivated, persistent, persevering, consistent, discipline individual who capture the essence of meaningful customer relationships. He currently work with LCD modules/Displays TFTs, Monochrome (Graphics & Characters Displays), OLEDs, automotive applications and more; Touch panels (Capacitive, Resistive), ICs and drivers for LED back-lighting etc.

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