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Clearer Pictures: Four Benefits of Choosing to Use TFT LCD Displays

A TFT LCD display is a type of display that utilizes a thin film transistor crystal display. Laptops were initially the first devices that employed this specific type of display, but since their invention, other uses have been found for them as well, and there are certainly plenty of benefits associated with a TFT module over some other types of modules.

1. Clearer Picture

TFT displays provide one of the clearest pictures that you can get on your display. As their name implies, these types of screens are extremely thin, and they are made with an innovative chemical technology that’s known as chemical vapor deposition. Using this technology, a very thin piece of glass is coated with metal that’s electrically conductive, but the chemical materials still allow the screen to be transparent for easy viewing. The use of the chemical vapor deposition makes it possible to have such a thin and clear viewing surface.


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2 Key Benefits and Advantages of Using OLED and LCD Display Modules

OLED displays are the latest type of screen technology on the market. An LCD display module comes with small crystals embedded into the screen. Light emanates from behind the screen, filtering through the crystals, which adjust to produce vivid color images. An OLED display module works through similar means, but its color-producing components do not produce pictures through a backlight.

1. Picture Quality and Light Use

When it comes to picture quality, LCD screens are known for displaying a range of vibrant colors in very high quality. LCD screens produce images when a backlight behind the screen shines colors through the crystals in the surface. This creates a brilliant display of color and a realistic feel. OLED screens work through a very similar process, but instead of a backlight, they produce their own light. OLED screens also produce great depth of color and rich blacks, making either screen type a great choice for home entertainment.

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Why It Pays to Replace and Not Repair a TFT LCD Module or Display

Over the years, LCD modules and LCD displays have grown in popularity. Companies in many different industries, including but not limited to the medical, automotive, consumer, food services, industrial, and technology sectors rely on at least one TFT LCD module or TFT LCD display on a daily basis. Although touchscreens are very durable and designed to withstand the hands of time, older modules and displays sometimes need to be repaired. When weighing the cost of having your displays repaired, you should take the time to consider your options.

Display repairs are not always cost effective

After doing some research on the cost of repairs, many business owners find that it makes more sense to have their TFT LCDs replaced. Although units may cost less to repair initially, the cost of having to repair your older displays over and over again can add up. This is because older units may need to be repaired more than once.